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Cars45 is your global gateway to U.S Auto Auctions and Wholesale Inventory for any kind of car of your choice

Register with us to start bidding. Bid on any cars using our Auto Auction Platform. Our market research data will help you place competitive bids

We provide affordable ground and ocean logistics services to transport your vehicle safely from the auction to any destination within Africa

We provide Customs Clearing Services for our clients. We'll have you car processed through customs and delivered to you as fast as possible

We pick up and deliver vehicles on behalf of our client to any local destination within the countries we operate.

We offer comprehensive vehicle servicing, repairs and refurbishment services to maximize your vehicle's life and your investment. We offer a fast, friendly and totally reliable service that delivers results of the highest quality, time after time

We have over 2000 retail outlets across Nigeria and other African countries. We'll help you sell your imported new or used vehicles

We have a dedicated team of well-trained professionals who provide constant support to our customers. Customer Experience is of a great priority to us as a business, so our service delivery process is cautiously designed to ensure that we consistently deliver on our promises.

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We are Nigeria's largest Car Auction Service provider with the goal of helping hundreds of customers to sell or buy their Cars. At Cars45 our passion is to build the infrastructure for commerce that allows Sellers and Buyers of Local or Imported Used Cars to exchange value quickly, cheaply and with unhindered access to independent relevant information required for decision making. We have over 2000 Retail Touch Points at strategic locations to make it easy for our esteemed customers to buy or sell their cars.

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